Why Mainland China has no real good Chinese? Because simplified Chinese words no way to grow up real good Chinese; that how Mainland China on purposely discipline all Mainland Chinese man to listen to Taiwanese man only; because Taiwanese man read and write good Chinese traditional words, can be a b 面膜etter leader than any smartest Mainland Chinese man, no matter he is evil eviler evilest Chinese or good better best Chinese. Because evilest Chinese can see the same point of view that good better best Chinese ca 會場佈置n see: People is all suck, only Leader can make difference (No matter that cat is black white brown, as long as that cat can know how to catch mouse the best way, that cat is the best cat.) ; therefore, you rather all your people is " 帛琉刁.Mean" than "綿.Young", therefore, the evilest can know how to find out the best leader like the good better best Chinese can. That how Mainland China can do what Russia failed, what USA impossible made, to have the richest most powerful forceful to back 酒店打工 to Communist, because the evilest Chinese can see the same point of view that good better best Chinese can see: You are richest powerful forceful son, you can do better than you dad, only when you spend out all rich power force you got from you dad, you can still live much mo 酒肉朋友re better free life than your dad can ever dared or imagined.Why evilest Chinese is the one matter most? Because good better best does not need to be bothered; less evil no way to win evilest. That's why you must not allow any Mainland Chinese to have any thing to do with read and write, because 信用貸款if you do, all Taiwan grown evilest Chinese must lose his evilest strength immediately after his eyes catched Mainland Chinese simplified words, no matter his name is Angus Tung or JungShiauLin, not mention Danny Lain (Therefore, I realized that Mainland Chinese female dressed animal so called "孫悅" indeed another form of 代償 that so called "Hook.Dyell"{frequently showing up in 娛樂百分百 ##1997年開播,早期由蔡榮祖及何篤霖先後主持數個月,而後改由ASOS(徐熙媛、徐熙娣)接手,創下娛樂新聞節目雙主持人的首例,現任主持人為羅志祥、小鬼 http://www.maplestage.com/show/娛樂百分百/##}/"佩甄"{康熙來了 20090828 Part 3/5 明星不是這麼好當的! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4Ywirc 房地產yGgo&feature=fvwrel that even that sucking shameless cold cold hard so called "小'S" must have to kiss her ass that sucking shamelessly in front of TV screen}/"甄莉"{國光幫幫忙 20110422 浪人老爸的嬰兒震撼教育!!}very wife of 周治平/李沛旭/李傅中武/連福仁/虞夏生 <907 Harvard Rd. Monroeville, PA 15146 412-373-7423 as the form of 虞夏生 he's Linda Chw 設計裝潢ee/虞夏花/"小.Meat.喵喵喵喵" brother; as the form of 李傅中武/連福仁 he's 李碧華/黃鶯鶯/張鳳鳳/傅天穎/張佩芳/周姍姍 brother>). Not mention those sucking evil Chinese female dressed animals Linda Chwee alike, not mention white trash Condi Rice Hillary Clinton.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .
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